Perzona MyScan

Why is there the assumption that we are all identical? That we would all have the same height or the same sleeping habits? You sleep your way! Now it’s time for your personalised mattress, your tailor-made Perzona bed. The mattress will be produced individually for you and your sleeping needs.

Let yourself be measured by us with the unique Perzona MyScan. Perzona MyScan is an incomparable experience. Your personalised mattress will be ready immediately to be tested by you.

Visit us and let yourself be amazed by this impressive sleep consultation.

The most personal mattress in the world!

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The mattress

The patented Tube Layer System (TLS) combines pressure-relieve and optimal support for the most relaxing sleep.

Applying the Perzona MyScan data, the mattress is being made to measure, using the tubes. The results of the MyScan indicate precisely the different degrees of tube-firmness you need. There are up to 537,824 variations. Instantly you will feel how your body receives the support, which it Needs.

The box spring bed

Not only are the mattresses incomparable, but the Perzona Box is also an elegant bed, equipped with functions you’ll never want to miss out on anymore.

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Perzona in the Schlafcenter Goldau

If you’re looking for a Perzona bed, here in Goldau, you’ve come to the right place. We have an extensive collection of Perzona box spring beds, as well as mattresses and pillows. This box bed offers a whole new way of sleeping. Perzona knows, that we are not all the same and that we don’t have the same sleeping needs. You sleep your way. The Perzona bed is fully adapted to your body. It supports you perfectly with the patented tube-layer system.

Perzona beds are by far the most personalised beds.

Perzona box spring beds are perfectly tailored to your body and your needs. It couldn’t be more individual. The base of the box spring bed consists of a box made of a metal frame. On the frame rests a 7-zone pocket spring base with an anti-slip layer. As a result, the mattress cannot slip, and there is no need for visually unpleasant hangers. On top comes your personalised mattress. The 14 zones are tailored to your requirements in terms of lying comfort and corresponding support. Get scanned and find out which mattress is perfect for you.

Perzona box spring beds: the right design for everyone!

In addition to choosing the box spring bed in terms of lying comfort, you can also determine the appearance of the box-spring bed yourself. You select the type of fabric and colour you like. Simple or perhaps extravagant; There are plenty of possibilities to design your box spring bed according to your wishes and adapt it to your bedroom furnishings. These box spring beds provide relaxing nights and wonderful days.

  • The only truly individual mattress that adapts completely to your body.
  • Unmatched, most stable slim-line construction
  • Have a unique body scan performed with MyScan
  • Innovative hybrid technology

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