For more deep sleep

The mission

Technogel®’s mission is to offer products that make the world more comfortable. In this sense, the incomparable comfort created by the unique composition of Technogel® helps you to unwind, relax and recover from the efforts of daily life.

In 2008 Technogel® revolutionised the world of sleep products with the introduction of patented gel. The Technogel® mattresses and pillows are the only ones with a coating of patented and pollution-free Technogel®.

With intensive research and findings from sleep research, the mission is constantly being further developed.

Innovative material

Technogel is an innovative material that improves everyday quality of life. The gel is a dense material and contains no air. Therefore its shape can adapt 3-dimensionally in all directions and provides a weightless and at the same time stable lying comfort with unique freedom of movement.

The tower structure allows the gel to adapt in 3 directions. This increases the surface area and reduces pressure points. Due to the even distribution of pressure over the entire surface, a reduction of pressure points is achieved precisely in the zones that are particularly stressed.

More deep sleep

Since the gel contains no air, it can absorb heat instead of reflecting it like a foam. In this way, the gel dissipates excess body heat. When our metabolism goes down when we fall asleep, the body must get rid of the excess heat generated by the previously more productive metabolism. It helps by absorbing the excess heat rather than reflecting it like a foam.

A laboratory study at the University of Basel in collaboration with the University of Turin has shown that Technogel® prolongs deep sleep by up to 15 percent. Deep sleep is absolutely essential for your body and mind to recover.